About Laree

Laree App has been performing his own unique blend of tropical music along the coasts and waterways of the Southeast for over 40 years.  He is a master musician on both guitar and steelpan, and was the award-winning lead vocalist with the groundbreaking Caribbean-Pop band Windjammer.

Featured Events

Listen to Laree’s new album “Mr Funkypans.” Stream it right here for free in high rez.

The new album “Mr Funlypans” has dropped and is available for purchase
or streaming on all major providers. It features Laree covering a dozen
funk, R&B, and fusion tunes from EW&F, Sade, George Benson and more.
For more information see the Audio page!

Happy 2024! Laree is performing several times per week
either in Florida or Puerto Rico (check the calendar page). Come on out and
relax your mind with some breezy island music. But be
cool, be safe.

  1. Run Joe Laree App 4:07
  2. Come and Get Your Love Laree App 4:29
  3. PYT Laree App 4:05
  4. Dem Belly Full Laree App 4:04
  5. Sound of Sunshine Laree App 4:34
  6. Brazil Laree App 4:52
  7. Island Song Laree App 5:30
  8. Sailing Laree App 4:13
  9. You Love the Thunder Laree App 3:59
  10. Amber Laree App 3:38
  11. Scarlet Begonias Laree App 4:24
  12. Time Bomb Laree App 3:34